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Simplicity for Lifestages™
Training Formula for Kittens & Problem Cats

7 kg pail, 12 kg bag

Simplicity for LifeStages™ Training Formula Scoopable Cat Litter contains a premium, all natural, enticing herbal blend. This special blend of all natural ingredients attracts kittens and problematic cats to the litter box, helping to avoid unnecessary accidents along the way.

This training formula provides a natural solution to litter box aversion. Containing 100% natural bentonite clay with maximum clumping action, and long lasting odour control, you can rest assure your kitten or cat will love this product.

Simplicity for Lifestages™
Adult MultiCat Formula

7 kg pail, 12.7 kg pail, 15 kg bag

Simplicity for LifeStages™Adult MultiCat Scoopable Cat Litter is specially formulated with triple protection odour control. Made especially for high traffic litter boxes for households with 2 or more cats, our Multicat Scoopable Cat Litter will neutralize even the harshest of odours.

This eco-friendly, 100% all natural formula contains OdourCheck™, baking soda and moisture activated all natural fragrance. OdourCheck™, is a natural ingredient that helps inhibit odour causing bacteria. Baking soda acts as a deodorizer absorbing odours while the natural fragrance leaves your litter box smelling natural, fresh & clean. Simplicity for LifeStages™Adult MultiCat Scoopable Cat Litter leaving your house smelling fresh and clean every day.

Simplicity for Lifestages™
Senior Formula with Patented Lavender Essence
for Aging Cats

7 kg Pail, 15 kg Bag

Simplicity for LifeStages™ Senior Formula Scoopable Cat Litter contains a patented, all natural lavender essence that helps to calm aging cats. Throughout the years, lavender has been proven to be a therapeutic agent that aids in reducing stress, anxiety and insomnia. This unique formulation encourages litter box use through its calming botanical aromatherapy. With maximum clumping action and long lasting odour control without the use of harsh chemicals or perfumes, your older feline will remain happy, calm and stress free.

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